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Academic position

Full Professor
Team Ceregmia

Contact Information

Université des Antilles et de la Guyane
Département Scientifique Interfacultaire
Campus Universitaire de Schoelcher
B.P. 7209, 97275 Schoelcher cédex
Martinique, F.W.I.

Telephone: 0596727363. Fax: 0596727362.

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  - HDR, Université Montpellier II - January 1997
    Accreditation to supervise research in Mathematics

- Doctorat d'état (PhD in Mathematics)
    Université Hassan II-Mohammadia - July 1995

- Doctorat (PhD in Applied Mathematics)
    Université Montpellier II - May 1991

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Research interests


- Coupling Algorithms and Approximation.
- Proximal (Inertial) Algorithms of Selection.

Nonlinear Analysis

- Solvability and Sensitivity of variational problems.
- Variational inequalities and fixed-point problems.

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Publications     MathSciNet

  A note on Quasi Split Null-point Feasibility Problems, accepted for publication (with minor changes) in Journal of Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization: Theory & Applications (2013).
  Split algorithms for new Implicit Feasibility Null-point Problems, to appear in Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences (2013). With M. A. Noor.
  Extensions of the CQ Algorithm for the Split Feasibility and Split Equality Problems. Accepted for publication in Journal of Nonlinear and Convex Analysis (2013). With Charles Byrne.
  Solving Proximal Split Feasibility Problems without prior knowledge of operator norms. To appear in Optimization Letters (2013). With B. S. Takhur.
  On Proximal Split Feasibility Problems; Incursion in the nonconvex case, International Journal of Mathematics Research Vol. 1 (2013) N 1.
  A connection between Chidume iteration and the contraction-proximal point algorithm. To appear in Afrika Matematika (2013).
  Alternating CQ-algorithms for Split Common Fixed-point Problems. To appear in Journal of Nonlinear and Convex Analysis (2013).
  About relaxed cocoercivity and its role in the convergence of proximal algorithms, Journal of the Egyptian Mathematical Society Vol. 23 (2013) N 3, p. 281-284. With Zhenyu Huang.
  Simultaneous Iterative Methods for split equality problems and Applications, Transactions on Mathematical Programming and Applications Vol. 1 (2013), N 2, p. 1-11. With E. Al-Shemas
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